Jeff Moore has been playing the guitar since the age of seven. He grew up alongside the influence of a musically inclined family, particularly his grandfather Alonzo "Buddy" Howard, who sang and played guitar in his own "old-time" Texas band, "Buddy and the Travelers." As a boy, he received several years of classical music instruction on the piano; however, his guitar skills were from the very beginning self-taught.

Jeff became interested in traditional Irish music in 1995, when he met flute player Larry Rone. Encouraged to pursue an instrumental involvement with traditional Irish music, Jeff began to collaborate with Irish fiddler and friend Michael McCullough, during which time he developed his own unique style of rhythmic accompaniment.

A founding member of the high energy Texas Celtic band Cluan, Jeff currently performs with Irish fiddler Heather Gilmer, with New England flute player Jeff Baker and California flute and whistle player James Hamilton. He has also performed with Scottish singer and songwriter Ed Miller, Scottish fiddler John Taylor, Irish button accordionist John Williams, master bodhran player Mark Stone, and Clandestine piper EJ Jones.

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