Kerri Javorka began her musical career at the age of eight, when she began taking fiddle lessons and joined a local group of junior fiddlers. She also did some singing, but she wouldn't begin to study voice until her sophomore year of high school. Even from the beginning of her musical studies she did a great deal of performing, and she claims that this experience allowed her to become extremely comfortable on stage. During her high school years, she also began to study the dramatic arts and was cast as Belle in Beauty and the Beast during her senior year. She was also the winner of the aria competition that year, and was the featured soloist at the year-end orchestra concert. During that summer, she participated in a local vocal competition and won the grand prize- an all expense paid trip to San Francisco to audition for American Idol.

She studied music at Montana State University and as a freshman made her mark on the music department In the spring of 2006 when she was seen as the lead soprano in Handel's opera “Acis and Galatea”, put on by the MSU Music Department. She recently moved to Austin, TX to promote her music and was immediately snached up by Poor Man's Fortune.