Wolf Loescher was first introduced to drums and percussion at the early age of 7, when he was captivated by the drummers at his older siblings' band concerts. (They got to lounge about counting measures and looking cool, and then occasionally get up and bash on things.)

Wolf played in marching and symphonic bands, percussion ensembles, and competed as a solo performer throughout high school and college. He has continued to extend his percussive studies, focusing increasingly on hand percussion, specifically the djembe. He has done live and session work for many different styles including Rock, Pop, Blues, Country, and Celtic. Notable projects include E.J. Jones & the Willow Band, the Rogues, the Buddhacrush, SixMileBridge, Two O'Clock Courage, and Silver Thistle Pipes & Drums and was the principal percussionist in Poor Man's Fortune from 1999 to 2003.

But in 1999, he was looking for a change, and decided to see what life in front of the drum kit was like. After a short stint as a solo performer, he rounded up the best players he could find, and started Jiggernaut (in a thinly veiled attempt to become the next Pete Townsend). in the summer of 2006, Wolf moved to Minnesota.

Wolf Loescher plays a GreenMan Humming custom-made eZouk, and uses Pro-Mark drums sticks and Cooperman bodhrans.