19" Bodhrán
Eamon McGuire,
Belfast, Northern Ireland

Traditionally made with a goatskin head (and, less frequently, from a greyhound skin) and a wooden rim, and more often in recent years made from synthetic materials as well, the bodhrán, like percussion instruments in many cultures, looks and sounds deceptively easy to play. It is actually quite a complex and baffling instrument in that it can be used not only (in the right hands) to enhance and intensify the rhythm of a session or recording, but (in the wrong hands) as a “session-buster”, ruining any hope of a musically euphonic gathering. -Myron Bretholz, “musicHound folk, The Essential Album Guide”

Two other fine makers have crafted drums for me as well. Eamon McGuire of Belfast, Northern Ireland made a very special 19” drum for me on the occasion the birth of my first son, Colin Michael.
Mark Stone

Link to Eamon McGuire Interview on BBC



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