Web Page Design

On the internet, your web site IS your business. Visitors to a business site should never “notice” a web-page interface. While your web-page design should make a statement about your business, it should serve first and foremost to sell your product. If your livelihood depends on people sticking around, you need a web page that does not get in the way of making a purchase.
Likewise, if your web presence needs to make as much of an artistic as a commercial impression, your site should incorporate a more unique and adventurous interface. If you are a musician, artist, or simply want to stand out, you need a web page with a certain “Wow! That looks cool!” element, while maintaining the elegance and simplicity of a good web-page interface.
Web-page design can run the range from pure communication to pure visceral thrill. Poor Man's Fortune understands the importance of an easy to navigate site AND a site that will impress your web visitor. We work with clients to ensure their website development and maintenance is integral to their organization’s overall purpose. We work in partnership with clients--from the design concept stage through site construction, hosting and on-going support and maintenance.

For examples of our web interface design, see our portfolio.