Poor Man's Fortune plays some of the most unique instruments in western music. For decades, we've been collecting rare instruments crafted especially for us by some of the finest luthiers making such instruments today.
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all photos by Jeff Brown
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Cabrette (bagpipe) in A - Bernard Blanc, Auvergne, France
Musette (bagpipe) in G - Bernard Blanc, Auvergne, France
Bodhrán (14” Irish drum) - Albert Alfonso, Dallas, TX, USA
Bodhrán (19” Irish drum) - Eamon McGuire, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Bodhrán (14” Irish drum) - Rob Forkner, Austin, TX, USA
Dulcitare (guitar-dulcimer hybrid) - conceived & adapted by Serge Laîné
Bombarde in Bb - Hervieux & Glet, Brittany, France
Bombarde in A - Gilles Lehart, Brittany, France
Bombarde in G - Hervieux & Glet, Brittany, France
Subois in D - Hervieux & Glet, Brittany, France
Wooden Simple-System Flute in D - Chris Wilkes, Herefordshire, England
Wooden Simple-System Flute in Eb - Gilles Lehart, Brittany, France
Pennywhistle in D - Chris Abell, Asheville, NC, USA
Diatonic Accordion in A/D - Jean Princivalle, Comté de Nice, France
Diatonic Accordion in G/C - Jean Princivalle, Comté de Nice, France
Hurdy-Gurdy - Jean-Noel Grandchamp, Bourbonnais, France
Lowland Bagpipes in Bb - Grainger & Campbell, Glasgow, Scotland