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These are downloadable tracks from our older albums. All are out of print, so feel free to download. Click on a tune name to listen to it, or right-click to download it...

Blow Hard bh
The Flight Attendant / Tom Billy's / Tommy People's
Bale Lann Bihoue / Dañs Plinn
Madame I'm A Darling
Farewell To Connacht / Cup Of Tea / John Brennan's
Heuliad Dañs Plinn
Tar Road To Sligo / Maid At The Spinning Wheel
An Alarc'h / Ridée St. Chartier / Les echevins
Up Against The Buachaláns / Glass Of Beer / The Scholar
Gavotte Pourled
May Morning Dew / Monaghan Jig
Is Doing Yet?
Madame I'm a Psycho

Paddy's Rambles in the Park
Newry Highwayman
Is Doing Yet?
How Can I Live at the Top of a Mountain?
Paddy's Rambles In The Park / Pixel
Garten Mother's Lullaby
She Moved Through the Fair

From the Poorest Few: The Rest of Poor Man's Fortune
The Gardener (live)
A quelle heure vous jouez les an dro? (demo)
She Moved Through the Fair (live)
The Snuff Wife / Cutting Bracken / The Braes of Mellinish (live)
Newry Highwayman (live)
Madam I'm a Psycho (Remix)
My Youngest Son Came Home Today (live)
Blowzabella Schottishes (demo)
The Black Cat / Thunderhead (demo)
Bale Lann Bihoue / Dañs Plinn (live)
Paddy's Rambles in the Park / Pixel (live)
Squirrel (???)

In Good Time
Iron Legs / Bewick’s / Jan Mijne Man / Go Mauve
The Connaughtman’s Rambles / The Black Cat / Thunderhead
Puirt a’ bhèil
Quand j’étais jeune à dix-huit ans
Mulqueeny's Hornpipe / The Road to Errogie
La valse pour les petites jeunes filles / In Continental Mood
Suite de ridées six temps
Polka "Caouette" / Tolka Polka / Mick Duggan’s Polka
Gavotennoù: Dardoup / "Mas Macho" / Brammer kozh / Ar menez
The Unquiet Grave