Serge Laîné is a native of Central France and holds a Ph.D. in French folk music & literature. He was performing with French pop bands on French television when most of us were in our nappies, but when he heard French folk-music legends in the early 1970s such as Gabriel Yacoub and Alan Stivell he was hooked on folk music and never looked back. He started playing the folk music of his native country, specializing in Breton music. In the late 1970s he came to Austin to study at the University of Texas and immediately became an integral part of the Austin folk music scene.

Serge has performed with Irish bands Crazy Jane & the Bishop and Finn MacCool, French folk band Cocquesigruës, Cajun bands Ti Fer and D'jalma Garnier. Presently, Serge also performs with one of the oldest folk bands in Texas, Bourrée Texane and one of the newest, The Sarah Dinan Band.

Serge has also recorded with Abra Moore, Irish flute player L.E. McCullough, Scottish singer Ed Miller, guitarist Rich Brotherton, and fiddlers Erik Hokkanen and Danny Levin. Serge sings in French, and Breton, and plays an astonishing number of diverse instruments including diatonic accordion, lowland bagpipes, dulcitare, hurdy-gurdy, pennywhistle and bass.