Born in Edinburgh Scotland, Richard Kean moved to Canada at the age of three and at ten began tuition under his father, Pipe Major Eric Kean. Richard continued his tuition with several prominent Canadian pipers. By his late teens Richard formed the group MacBOFA and began developing new styles and compositions for the Highland bagpipe.  Richard later moved back to Edinburgh where he teamed up with Pipe Major Lindsay Davidson, B.Mus. edu. Richard also participated in the formation of Stockbridge Pipe Band, Edinburgh and was pipe sergeant for three years until returning to Canada.

Richard moved to Houston Texas and soon joined the Hamilton Pipe Band, a successful competition band.  In early 2000 Richard added Scottish Highland and Small pipes as well as the Breton Biniou Kozh to Poor Man's Fortune.  Not content to play in just one band, Richard soon after joined the new celtic-rock band Jiggernaut.  In 2001 Richard formed the performance troupe Tartanic which extends the roll of the bagpipe as a strictly musical instrument and allows it to be expressed as a theatrical tool as well. Work with Tartanic lead Richard to involvement with the performance group Wolgemut, blending period medieval and renaissance music with a "rock and roll" show. All of these endeavors share a common goal; to allow Richard to express his love of bagpipes and their music and to continue the development of bagpipes in new settings.

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