Guitar-Dulcimer hybrid, conceived & adapted by Serge Laîné

This instrument is a Daion L-999 guitar bought used in the early 80s. I modified the bridge and the nut so that it could be strung like a mountain dulcimer with 4 courses instead of a guitar's 6 courses. The instrument still sports 6 strings, but the 2 single-string bass courses become D and A, while the 2 double-string higher courses become A and D, thus resulting in a DAAD tuning. I'm hoping that the indentions under the strings eventually become holes so that Willie and I will have something to talk about the next time we meet.

spacer The resulting sound is somewhere between a guitar and an Irish bouzouki. It is capable of producing the rich bass tones of a guitar which are not possible on a bouzouki, but can also produce a high, drone-like accompaniment which makes the bouzouki so effective in Irish music. Certainly one of my favourite instruments.

Serge Laîné
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