Musette Béchonnet
Bernard Blanc,
Auvergne, France
The Musette Béchonnet is a bellows blown bagpipe from the Auvergne. It is a traditional Central France bagpipe revamped in the 19th century by Joseph Béchonnet (1821-1900) from Effiat, in the north of Puy de Dôme. This bagpipe was popular in the Lower Auvergne region between 1870 & 1930. The chanter and two drones stem parallel from the same box-shaped stock. The second drone sounds an octave above the chanter fundamental and is not visible, being seated behind the chanter and the tenor drone. The bass drone starts at the bottom of the bag so that it's upright and stands in front of the piper rather than resting on his shoulder and sounding in the back. Crafted by Bernard Blanc after Béchonnet's design, it is one of my favourite instruments.

Serge Laîné

Musiques Traditionnelles en Auvergne
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