I highly recommend going to see him, he's as straight forward and honest as they come!"

"I would have never received this level of service and turn around at a mac store, especially not for the price. I really can't recommend poorman's enough."

"I'm very satisfied, he's helped me MANY times. Another one of the good guys- I just thought you should know."

Yelp Reviews

Larry Rone is the best computer guy I've dealt with. He fixes things instead of trying to explain to an idiot like me the theory and history of computers. He's reliable, efficient, and smart.

Dr. Don Graham
J. Frank Dobie Regents Professor in American and English Literature

I’m writing to thank you again for the miraculous job that you did saving the data on Sabrina’s hard drive. Her Mac was five years old and overdue to be replaced when it died. Typically for us (alas), she hadn’t backed up her data in at least a year. Recovery software suggested the data was not recoverable. But you found a way! And at a remarkably affordable price.

I also want to thank you for helping me realize when I could simply use the existing warranty on my own computer when it had a problem, rather than charging me to repair it yourself.

Both when you worked at UT and in our subsequent tech-related dealings with you, we have always found you highly knowledgeable, competent, efficient, and honest. Please feel free to use me as a reference.

Phillip Barrish, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of English, UT Austin

Poor Man's Fortune has been my webmaster for 6 years now, and thanks to his excellent work, I have a super web site that is very user friendly , esthetically pleasing and highly informative . Working with my marketing department , Larry's work has been largely responsible for the 50 % increase in business that my company Revolution Motors has experienced in the last 6 years. Moreover, Larry has been a great teacher of the world of computers, having taught me much (a process that is ongoing to this day) ; maybe one of the most important lessons I have learnt in the course of our collaboration is not to have fear of computers or software......I am over 60 years old, and I would say that is is no small achievement.

Poor Man's Fortune has recently enabled me to transfer all my data from a defunct 8 year old HP laptop (deceased after 7 years of sterling service!) on to my new Macbook Pro, and Partitioned the hard drive so that I can use the MacBook pro either as a Mac (that I have grown to love!) and as a PC, so that I can communicate with my business (very important to me ,as I run a busy European car repair shop). I have found, and do find that his service is excellent and Larry has always been there for technical advice , either by phone , e-mail or in person as needed. My business is dependent on customer service, and i expect no less from those on whose services I depend. Highly recommended!

Patrick Whale
Owner, Revolution Motors

Since I lack in technical skills, I’m always a bit anxious about attempting to talk with “computer geeks”, fearful that I’m going to walk away feeling stupid and totally confused. With Larry, I walked away feeling what we call in the field of psychology, “a corrective experience”. I was pleasantly surprised that not only did he do a wonderful job helping me create and upload my website at a reasonable price, but I actually enjoyed the process. I have already recommended Larry to a friend, and will continue to recommend him.

Karen Finley Breeding, MA, LPC

I just wanted to thank you so much for your help converting me to the Mac world. As you know, I was very nervous about the whole process. But, with your help and expertise, it really was relatively pain free. And now that I'm used to everything, I'm so genuinely excited about being in the Mac world with all of it's advantages and benefits.

Steve Cordova

Even though “coming back” to Apple after being forced to PC because of software unavailability in the early 90’s, was a given, I dreaded the switch and was concerned about the certain loss of productivity. Because of Poor Man’s Fortune, the dreaded SWITCH to Apple has been easier than any of my previous PC to PC upgrades. Thank you Larry. You’re everything your web site says and more.

Stan McElroy

I've always wanted Larry Rone to be my live-in computer guy. That may sound funny, but it's true. I'm awash in technology, in over my head. But Larry can—and does—rescue me, often. When you have the simplest question or the most complex fix-it or set-up job, you need MACMAN.

Dr. Betsy Berry
Department of English, University of Texas

Larry Rone was a true professional. Not only did he know his stuff, but he was able to listen between the lines of our vague and, at times, inarticulate ramblings and glean what we wanted our site to accomplish. The result was nothing short of a utilitarian piece of artwork: elegant, understated, beautiful, and functional.

Deborah Douglas, M.D. and Thomas Fisher, M.D.
Deney Ranch Nature Preserve

My computer sings your praises every time I turn it on: it used to go "Tsannnng!", now it just goes "Larry!" and then it heaves a sigh of mingled longing and contentement. But that, I suppose, is relatively easy and other professional geeks could have done it. Where you culminate is in the work you've done on ME. As you well know, I am one of the most helpless technophobes ever to have clicked a mouse, and years later and thousands of miles away I still fondly remember your infinite patience and kindness AND PEDAGOGICAL KNOW-HOW when faced with my Pavlovian cretinism as soon as I'm sitting at one of those bescreened monsters. I only wish you were now living in Paris rather than in Austin, but then, I can go on wishing.

Dr. Marc Chémali
University Paris - Nanterre

Larry Rone is the most savvy computer technician that I have had work on my computer and networking problems in the more than twenty years that I have used computers at work. His knowledge is encyclopedic, current, and detailed. He is also articulate and able to explain clearly what the problem is and what needs to be done to fix it.

Dr. John Rumrich
University of Texas, Austin

A good friend turned me onto Larry after some discouraging experiences with other web designers. As a therapist, I need to make frequent changes to my site as my experience develops, in order to find the clients for whom I’m well suited. The other webmasters disappeared after failing to respond to specific requests, and I felt very frustrated. However, upon looking at my friend’s site, designed with Larry’s support, and which clearly and simply communicated her unique skills and qualities, I decided to try him. My experience with Poor Man’s Fortune could not be more different! Larry really LISTENS to what the client is trying to convey, and then infuses that concept with his own technical and artistic skills to create unique sites that attract customers seeking precisely what we have to offer. He worked with me over several sessions in an easy and informal setting, making the experience actually fun, and the product (still evolving) very satisfying. I’m already getting more traffic, and would absolutely recommend him to my colleagues.

Inga Larson


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