Poor Man’s Fortune plays new music... no fairy tales, just fiery tunes that happen to be a century or so older than your average hip-hop jam, arranged for modern ears and played on traditional instruments with verve and exuberance.

Poor Man’s Fortune plays old music... dance music, happy music, sad music. Real music that’s been around awhile but still sets toes tapping.

Poor Man’s Fortune plays unique music... Traditional music without the cobwebs... modern music with tradition. Schottishes and congas, jigs with didgeridoos, gavottes & darbukas, a haunting ballad with soaring bombardes. A two-step in four time and a six-step in seven. Bagpipes, flutes, fiddles, pennywhistles, accordions, dulcitares, electric violins and a jazz bass... delicately combined to explore the endless possibilities of old and new music alike.

...Prepare yourself to laugh, to dance and to be moved!
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larry kristen serge
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Here are some other fine musicians who occasionally perform with Poor Man's Fortune:

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Our special guest on our new CD
Kerri Javorka
Richard Kean
Chris Buckley
Mark Stone
Rob Forkner
Rob Forkner
Jeff Moore
Jeff Moore
EJ Jones
Charlie Branch
Charlie Branch
Wolf Loescher
Wolf Loescher

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